日曜日, 12月 31, 2006

The glory days of Singapore!

Thanks everyone for atending my farewell party last nigt .
As well as I really appreciate your kindness for organising it , Diana!
Well , it was fantastic and I was so happy to see you before I leave Singapore .
I really enjoyed it . And I had a wonderful time !
Actually you all remind me of my great Singapore life !
I'll never forget this .
Make sure I'll do my best in Bangkok .
Wishing you all great health & happiness in the coming new year !
Hope to see you again !
Cheers !

土曜日, 12月 16, 2006

No.1 Suger Cane in Singapore

I like to drink suger cane very much !
When I go to english school , I always drop by one of the coffee stall to drink suger cane .
I like to chat with stall's boss as well . He is very kind and friendly .
I tried making a suger cane .
It was really good experience for me .
Anyway the stall is behind greaat world city .
Let's try it .
Unfortunately the stall is going to move to other place next year .

By the way this is my favorite quotation from the book ! What do you think about this?

True intelligence is knowing what is appropriate rather than what is simply right or wrong .
A coin has two sides. We have never seen a one-sided coin. But all too often we forget that fact.
We often think the side we are on is the only side or the right side .
When we do that , we may be smart ,we may know our facts, but we also may be limiting our intelligence.

God gave us a right foot and a left foot . God did not give us a right foot and a wrong foot .
Humans make progress by first making a mistake to the right and then making a mistake to the left.
People who think they must always be right are like people with only a right foot.
They think they are making progress, but they usually wind up going in circles .

Thanks a lot !!

水曜日, 10月 25, 2006

This is my first concert of Bossa Nova !

Guess what !I already knew that Aya san & Megu san would go to concert today at Esplanade Theatre
.Accidentally my evening class was canceled becase it was heavy rain . Luckily Ochisan gave me a rest for tonight .

As a matter of fact I and Minorusan quickly decided to go Lisa Ono's concert at 8 pm.
The reason why I decided it was Hidekisan' s storong advice of his experience about concert .
Actually It was really interesting and unexpected .
Anyway we enjoyed Bossa Nova music even though we only know 3songs of that !
Ecepecially the song's name 「Home town 」故郷 .
All in all , It was a wonderful tonight! By the way I 'll start studying about Discourse Markers from now .

Lisa Ono has long been considered Japan's finest protégé of Bossa Nova. An exceptional singer, accomplished guitarist and songwriter, she has collaborated with numerous legendary musicians from Tom Jobim to Toots Thielemans and Henri Salvador.

Her style and voice is reminiscent of the Brazilian divas, Astrud Gilberto and Gal Costa, while her delivery and tone are exquisite.

Lisa Ono's mastery of the natural, laid-back Bossa Nova sound received the stamp of approval from the late Antonio Carlos Jobim, with whom she had collaborated.

Her distinctive interpretation of materials is extraordinary, giving popular classics a fresh, new lease of life.

水曜日, 9月 27, 2006

9.23.2006 in Japan

Happy wedding to Miityan & Okamo!
My best friends!!



水曜日, 8月 23, 2006

Tennis Camp in Changi Beach

We have about 30 participants in this tennis camp .
It is becoming a very big event for us now .
Every day I can see great smile of 30 kids while travelling to Changi Beach Culub together .
It is absolutely fun!
They are very obedient and very cute .
They improve very fast actually .
As well as they enjoyed playing tennis ,having a conversation over lunch and they enjoyed fantastic Singapore hot weather !
See all of you tommorrow at 8:30 .
Good night!
Mori coach

木曜日, 8月 10, 2006

What's this ? But it's funnier than I expected !

This is not American Idol, although it is quite clear that the gentleman in the video has an IDOL
in mind as he sings the famous " I will Survive " song Anyway , will he survive ?

at first i was afraid i was petrified
Kept thinking i could never live without you by my side
But then i spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong
And i grew strong and i learned how to get along
And now your back, from outta space
I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face
I should have changed that stupid lock i should have made you leave your key
If i'd have known for just one second you'd be back to bother me
Go on now go walk out the door
Just turn around now cuz your not welcome anymore
Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye
Did ya think i'd crumble
Did ya think i'd crumble did ya think id lay down and die
Oh no not i, i will survive
Oh as long as i know how to love i know ill stay alive
Ive got all my life to live ive got all my love to give
Ill survive i will survie hey hey
It took all the strength i had not to fall apart
And tried so hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart
And i spent oh so many nights just feeling sorry for myself
I used to cry, but now i hold my head up high
And you see me..somebody new,
Im not that chained up little person still in love with you
And so you felt like dropping in and just expect me to be free
But now im saving all my loving for someone whos loving me
Go on now go walk out the door
Just turn around now cuz your not welcome anymore
Werent you the one who tried to break me with goodbye
Did ya think id crumble did ya think id lay down and die
Oh no not i i will survive
Oh as long as i know how to love i know ill stay alive
Ive got all my life to live ive got all my love to give
Ill survive..i will survive ohh go on now go
Walk out the door just turn around now cuz your not welcome anymore
....continuing chorus......

日曜日, 7月 23, 2006

Legendary DJ AKAKABE

It was a pleasure to have met you ,DJ AKAKABE-san and Manager YAMADA-san !
I really enjoyed your playing very much yesterday !
Your last scratch was fantastic!
No wonder you are world champion DJ !
I hope to see you soon at Singapore or Japan ,or,,,,wherever .
See you around !!

金曜日, 7月 07, 2006

Good luck Man!

I met Indonesian fantastic guy few weeks ago . His name is Permadi .
He has been staying Singapore about 10 years.
However he is going to go Melbourune to study business next Wednesday.
Luckly I met him before he leaves Singapore .
He is very friendly and wonderful person .
He always smiles and makes people happy .
I like that . Ok I'll try to remember indonesian words from your software. Thanks .

Take care man! All the best!!
Hope to see you soon!!!

火曜日, 7月 04, 2006

My English Teacher

Today, I wanna introduce you to Englsh teacher ,Paul at WSI .
He is very helpful and he always gives specific advices to my problem about learning Englsh .
He is also a keen sportsman. He likes to take his students out to teach them sports .
Last time I joined him at the East Coast Park, We went Roller-blading.
Eventhough it was my first time, I could do it quite well with his help.
Anyway , I think I am very lucky to know him.
Ok , from now I am going to take his class !
Let's get going!!

火曜日, 6月 20, 2006

My school

I've been studying English at WSI for 10 months . I love this school.
I met a lot of people there. Anyway, the school's director wished me happy birthday today .
I was very happy so I took a picture of the school team.
If you want to study English in Singapore ,you must come and look for me!

火曜日, 6月 06, 2006

Housewarming paty

I went to join my friend's housewarming party .
It was very nice and cozy house actually !
And I had a really good time I really enjoyed it
Anyway thank you very much for inviting me to your excellent place .
And also happy birthday Leanna!

金曜日, 5月 26, 2006

My favorite

Recently I go to National library on Sunday evening . I like to stay there to study and relax.
Actually when I live in Japan I often go to library.
I like that kinds of atmosphere. There are different kinds of people , such as student ,couple , business man ,foreigner (me) . And It's good design of architecture. In my opinion, library stands for their own culture . Singapore's library is very modern and mixed various concept I guess . Last year I went to Melbourne . At that time I visited library as well . It was great . I felt like to stay there every day .
What do you think about nearby library ?

金曜日, 4月 28, 2006

It's true

Do you wake up in the mornings looking forward to the day?
Do you always follow the same routine or do you find time to be spontaneous?
Do you know what you're going to be doing at the weekend?
Do you find that your life is passing you by without your really taking part in it?
Is there anything you'd rather be doing?
We are living at a time when everything is moving very fast.
Transport, technology, time, itself.
We can cross the world in a few hours, wa can communicate with friends on the
side of the planet in a matter of seconds and we can wake up and suddenly it's Friday again!
We're all busy making the money, working hard, saving up for next holiday,
for a rainy day, for our retirement, but how many of us actually enjoy the now?
We are encouraged to regret the past and dream about a better future.
We use endless conditionals to create the vision of perfection: if I lose a few kilos,
I'll change my image. If I stop smoking, I'll be able to save lots of money.
If I meet the (wo)man of my dreams, I'll be happy ,,,,,and on it goes.
But the reality is that we only have 'now'. After all, we don't know what will happen
tomorrow so we need to enjoy today. As the saying goes 'you only live once' ,,,,, or do you?

水曜日, 4月 12, 2006


I went to Malaysia for holiday. I went to many good place as well as I met many nice people.
They were very kind and sociable .
I had a really good time with them.
And I was very excited to see KL city . It was more beautiful than I thought .
I got a lot of motivation from this trip .
Although it was only short time , it was a very good experience for me .
So I will make sure to go there again.

木曜日, 3月 16, 2006

English Hour


I'd like to study English . 「英語を勉強したいのですが」
Could you recommend a good school?  「いい学校をご存知ですか」
Is there a course about two weeks long?  「2週間くらいの特別コースはありますか」
I'll stay here for a month.  「1ヶ月滞在する予定です」
Is the tuition rate high?  「授業料は高いですか」
Can I attend the course?   「入学を受け付けていますか」
Are there any Japanese students?  「日本人の学生はいますか」
I'd like to attend the 2 week short program. 「2週間のショートプログラムを受講したいのですが」
How should I pay the tuition? 「授業料はどのように支払えばいいですか」
Do you accept checks?   「小切手を使えますか」
I dont't have enough money today. 「今日はお金を持っていません」
When should I pay the tuition?   「いつまでに払えばいいですか」
When dose the class start?   「クラスはいつから始まりますか」
Could you tell me where the classroom is ? 「教室の場所を教えてください」
Where can I get the textbooks?  「教科書はどこで買うのですか」

金曜日, 3月 03, 2006

Career Fair 2006

I went to Suntec city to help my english school .( Actually my school's name is WSI.)
Because now there are a lot of exhibition of school such as university ,management school english school and so on.
Anyway I feel like going university in Singapore .

English Hour


Where is a public telephone? 「公衆電話はどこですか」
May I use the telephone?   「電話をお借りできますか」
Could you tell me how to use the telephone? 「電話の使い方を教えてください」
Should I insert coins first?  「お金を先に入れるのですか」
How much should I put in?    「いくら入れるのですか」
Can I dial directly?    「ダイヤル直通ですか」
Could you speak more slowly?  「もう少しゆっくり話してもらえますか」
Excuse me. I couldn't catch what you said.  「すみません。よく聞こえませんでした」
Could you connect me to room 20?  「20号室をお願いします」
I want extension 123. 「内線123をお願いします」
Is Mr. Ryan there?   「ライアンさんいらっしゃいますか」
This is Hiroki speaking.  「こちらはヒロキです」
He is out now.  「彼は外出中です」
When will he be back?  「いつ戻りますか」
I'll call him later.  「また電話します」
Could you take a message?  「伝言お願いできますか」
Please tell him to call me back.  「私に電話するよう伝えてください」
Please tell him that Hiroki called.  「ヒロキから電話があったと伝えてください」
I'm sorry. I have the wrong number.   「ごめんなさい。間違えました」

前回は Ryan と Kendal もみんなの英語のレベルアップに協力してくれて、まさにチームの素晴しさ

水曜日, 3月 01, 2006

Pulau Ubin

I went to Pulau ubin Island with my good friends.
Shaped like a boomerang , Pulau Ubin is situated just off the northeastern corner of mainland Singapore.
A trip to plau Ubin is a throwback to Singapore in the 1960's. The island is home to Singapore last villages or "kampongs"
there are still about a hundred villagers living here.
Actually I like to take a boat very much, so it was very exciting and I had a really good time .

水曜日, 2月 22, 2006

English Hour

My order hasn't come yet . 「料理がまだ来ません」
This is not what I ordered. 「注文した物と違います」
I didn't order this.    「これは注文していません」
This is quite raw .   「ちょと火が通ってないようです」
I dropped my spoon.  「スプーンを落としてしまいました」
Could you clear the table?  「テーブルを片付けて下さい」
It is more than I can eat.  「ちょっと多すぎて食べれません」
Can I take this home?   「持ち帰ってもいいですか」
I'm afraid you gave me the wrong change.  「おつりが違うようです」
I think there is a mistake in the bill.  「計算が違うようです」
Could you check it again?  「もう一度チエックしてもらえますか」
I didn't have this.    「この料理は食べてません」
Nothing more, thank you.  「もうけっこうです」 「
It was very good.   「とても美味しかったです」
Check,please.    「お勘定をお願いします」
Can I pay here?    「ここで払えますか」
Where shall I pay the bill?  「どこで払うのですか」
We'd like to pay separately.   「勘定を別々に払いたいのですが」
I'll take care of the bill.     「私がまとめて払います」
Is service charge included?    「サービス料は含まれていますか」
What is this amount for?      「この料金は何ですか」        
How much is it altogether?     「全部でおいくらですか」
I'm afraid there is a mistake in the bill.  「計算が違っているようです」
Can I pay with this credit card?     「クレジットカードは使えますか」
Will you charge it to my room, please?  「お勘定は部屋につけて下さい」

次回のEnglish Hour はまた少しアレンジを加える予定です。
It's gona be fun! See you soon.

日曜日, 2月 19, 2006

NUS Night!

Last night I went to see a music band at National University of Singapore with my friends.
There was incredible big . When we were going to there we lost many times.
Anyway there were a lot of good facility such as pool , tenniscourt, cafeteria as well as bar .
Speaking of band ,they are philipino ,. They can sing definitely very well .
It was very cozy. I was relaxed and enjyoed it very much .
Mybe I will go there again !

水曜日, 2月 08, 2006

Thank you Gan san

Last saturday Mr Gan who is one of our tennis member took me to Lunch.
Actually He always intoroduce me to good place to eat . I think he is very kind and gentle .
That's why I learn not only english but also a lot of things from him.
This time we went to Little India .
It was quite similar to real India . So I almost felt like comeing to India at that time.
We had a really good lunch time.

See you Saturday my good friends Gan-san !

月曜日, 2月 06, 2006

English Hour

What is the specialty of the house? 「ここの自慢料理は何ですか」
Do you have today's special?    「本日の特別料理はありますか」
I'd like to have something special. 「何か特別な料理が食べたいのですが」  
Do you have local dishes?   「土地の名物料理はありますか」
What do you recommend?  「おすすめの料理はどれですか」
Do you have anything ready quickly?  「何か早くできる物はありますか」
Can I have the same dish as that?  「あれと同じ料理を下さい」
I'll have it.   「それをもらいます」
I'll have whatever you recommend.   「あなたのおすすめ料理をもらいます」
I'd like to have dinner for less than 30 dollars including drinks. 「飲み物を入れて30ドル以内で食べたいのですが」
Can I have it right away?  「すぐできますか?」
What is this? 「これは何ですか」
What kind of dish is this?   「これはどういう料理ですか」
I'd like this.  「これを下さい」
Can you make it mild?  「あまり辛くしないで下さい」
Could you tell me how to eat this?  「食べ方を教えて下さい」
Could you pass me the salt?  「塩を取ってください」
I'd like a glass of water,please. 「水を一杯下さい」
May I have some more bread,please. 「パンをもう少し下さい」
What do you have for dessert?    「デザートには何がありますか」
May I have just a little of it?   「それを少し下さい」
Can I have some fruit instead of the dessert?  「デザートのかわりに果物をもらえますか」

月曜日, 1月 30, 2006

English Hour

Roger Federer of Switzerland celebrates victory in his Men's Singles Final match against Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus

Do I need a reservation? 「予約が必要ですか」
Could you make a reservation for me?    「ここで予約してもらえますか」
I'd like to reserve a table for three.   「3人分予約したいのですが」
We are a group of six.     「私達は6人です」
We'd like to have a table together.   「全員いっしょの席でお願いします」
We'll come at eight o'clock.  「8時に行きます」
What time can we reserve a table?   「何時なら席を取れますか」
How late is it open?   「何時まで開いてますか」
How can I get there.   「そこへはどうやって行くのですか」
I'd like to reserve a table for two at seven tonight. 「今晩7時に2人予約したいのですが」
I'm sorry. We have so many guests this evening.  「あいにく本日は大変込んでおります」
How long is the wait?   「どのくらい待ちますか」
We can wait till late hours.  「遅い時間でもいいんですが」
Nine o'clock should be O.K.  「9時ならとれますが」
We'd like a table with a view of sea.  「海の見える席はとれますか」
It's O.K. Your name,please.   「はい、大丈夫です。お名前を」
My name is Moriya.   「守屋です」
What do you have for today's special?  「今日の特別メニューは何ですか」
Do you have a dress code?    「服装の決まりはありますか」
Should I wear a coat and tie?   「ネクタイと上着は必要ですか」
Should the ladies wear formal dresses?  「女性はフォーマルな服装が必要ですか」  
No jeans,please.     「ジーンズは遠慮してください」
I'm sorry, but I want to cancel my reservation. 「すみません、予約を取り消したいのですが」

日曜日, 1月 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New year

I celebrated chinese new year with my friend in china town. There was so crowded .
Fortunately one of my friend work at TV program company . That's why we could get into the new year's event hall .
There were a lot of singapore TV star , actor , actress and musician on the stage . When they counted down there was fire works, bakuchiku and tons of crackers .
It was very exciting and fun . I was feeling like becomeing a chinese .
But anyway I couldn't understand the story about the some of events .
Because mostly they spoke in chinese .
So I am thinking that I should study not only english but also chinese .
It's going to be fun .

水曜日, 1月 25, 2006

English Hour

Could you do me a favor?  「ちょっとお願いしたいのですが」
Would you give me a different room?  「部屋をかえてもらいたいのですが」
This room is noisy.      「この部屋はうるさいのですが」
The room next door is too noisy.  「隣の部屋がうるさいのですが」
This room is too cold.  「部屋がとても寒いんですが」
The air-conditioner dosen't work.  「エアコンが壊れています」
There's something wrong with the drier.  「ドライヤーの具合が悪いのですが」
The T.V. set dosen't work.   「テレビがつかないのですが」
The light doesn't work.    「部屋の電気がつきません」
There's no hot water.    「お湯が出ないのですが」
The hot water is not hot enough.    「お湯がぬるいのですが」
I can't plug the drain in the bathtub.  「風呂の栓がしまらないのですが」
The hot water runs over the bathtub.   「バスタブからお湯があふれてしまいました」
The toilet doesn't flush.     「トイレの水が流れないのですが」
The toilet seems blocked.     「トイレがつまってしまったようです」
The faucet is broken.      「水道の蛇口がこわれています」
Can you get it repaired?    「直してもらえますか?」
Anyway,could you send someone up?   「とにかくボーイを一人よこして下さい」
Could you send someone to fix it?   「すいませんが修理の人をお願いします」
I left the room key in my room.    「部屋に鍵を置き忘れました」
I'm locked out.     「締め出されました」
May I have the master key,please?   「合鍵を持ってきて下さい」
I lost the room key.      「鍵をなくしました」
Could you tell me how to use this alarm clock?  「目覚まし時計の使い方を教えて下さい」
Could you clean my room?  「「部屋をきれいにして下さい」
The bed is not prepared.  「ベッドができていません」

火曜日, 1月 17, 2006

English Hour

I have some laundry. 「洗濯をお願いします」
I'd like these clothes cleaned. 「この衣類を洗濯して欲しいのですが」
Please put your laundry in the paper bag and write down the contents of the laundry on it.「それでは洗濯物を袋に入れて、内容を書いて下さい」                                                                                                             
When will it be ready? 「いつ仕上がりますか」
Will it be ready by tomorrow? 「明日までに仕上がりますか」
I need them tonight. 「今晩必要なのですが」
I'd like to have my laundry by 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. 「明日の朝9時までにお願いします」
Is my laundry ready? 「私の洗濯物はできましたか」
I'm still waiting for my laundry. 「洗濯物が戻らないのですが」
This is not mine. 「これは私のものではありません」
There's one piece missing. 「一つ足りないのですが」
From what time do you accept laundry tomorrow morning? 「明日は何時から受け付けていますか」
From 9a.m. to 4 p.m. 「午前9時から午後4時までです」
Please have this pressed. 「これにアイロンをかけて下さい」
Can you mend this? 「これを縫って下さい」
Can you get this stain out? 『このシミを取って下さい」

2006年、第一回目のEnglish Hour どうでしたか?

金曜日, 1月 06, 2006

Junior Camp 最終日 ( 2 Weeks )

今回、Junior Canp 2週を終えて、選手達同様、我々コーチ陣も沢山の事を学び成長できたと思います。
これからも頑張ろうね!そして保護者のみなさん、いつも暖かく見守って頂きありがとうございました。これからも宜しくお願い致します。 森博之

木曜日, 1月 05, 2006

Junior Camp 4日目(2 Weeks )

とうとう明日はジュニアキャンプFinal Day になってしまいました。選手一人一人のキャンプ最終日に掛ける意気込みを見るのがとても楽しみです。みんな、楽しくそしてエキサイトしましょうね!

水曜日, 1月 04, 2006

Junior Camp3日目(2Weeks)


火曜日, 1月 03, 2006

Junior Camp 2日目 ( 2Weeks )


月曜日, 1月 02, 2006

Junior Camp 初日 (2 weeks )

2006年のビッグイベントSTA Junior Camp ( 2Weeks )がスタートしました。今日も一週目に引き続き天気は良好で、素晴らしい