金曜日, 3月 03, 2006

Career Fair 2006

I went to Suntec city to help my english school .( Actually my school's name is WSI.)
Because now there are a lot of exhibition of school such as university ,management school english school and so on.
Anyway I feel like going university in Singapore .

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Celina さんのコメント...

Hi Hiroyuki-san!
It was the first time I met you at the career fair. You are a very nice friend to chat with. Taught me a couple of Japanese words (which I cannot remember now!). Looking forward to to more 'nonsense' chats with you over Mee Goreng (Indian Fried Noodles).


Hiroyuki Mori さんのコメント...

To Celina
Thank you for your comment.
It was nice to meet you. I think your japanese pronunciation is almost perfect . So please don't forget
to gesture when you remember japanese.
I was very happy today ,casue you corected my wrong sentence.
See you monday!

いし さんのコメント...

dear mori coach!
I extremely neglect to write.
There is Happy New Year.
The greeting which is, too, was to be as it isn't doing.
Really sorry
You seem very fine and are glad.
This is always the date which doesn't change.
Other day Imai coach was asking " is it silence after getting a New Year's card but is 森 coach fine? ".
It spoke at " why are you to be? " and all.
Japan became in the middle of March.
The spring strokes coming style.
The expectation temperature tomorrow is 12ー 10 degree degrees and seems to get colder than today.
To be winter if comparing on Singapore even if it says that the spring came will seem.
There is a game of " the Monday ladies " on Monday next week.
( Of course, my class is B but it is ・・・ ).
I throb from now.
I want to get the power of the 森ーcoach.
今井coach said
"you do only that it is possible to give it ".
It is a very nice and to be glad word.I am always encouraged to his kindness.
I wish I can have enjoyed a game.
I request you to do スゴいcheering to us from the distance.

Hiroyuki Mori さんのコメント...

それでは、MONDAY LADIES 頑張ってください!

いし さんのコメント...

dear Mori-coach
Thank you for your heartful nice advice.
By the way, it is a very mysterious thing.
I got the same advice from Imai coach.
Imai-coach said「試合にはテーマを持って臨んで下さい。こんな風にしようと自分なりに思ってプレイしましょう。そう意識していて、そうならなくて、もし試合に負けたとしても悔いは残りません。負けてもそれはこれからのテニスに絶対プラスになります」
It passed for 2years from my darkly long slump.
( It was to be when Mori coach was exactly gone to there ) After that, I was helped by Imai coach, was encouraged by the people around and was supported by the coaches.
Then, the game tomorrow is like the return to reach barely.
I hope only not becoming dark and it is possible to do pleasantly until the last.
How is it that myself can have changed?
試合はit is after a long time.皆さんへ感謝の気持ちで胸一杯って感じでもあります。
でもそれにめげず何か一つでも自分が思っていた課題が出来る事を夢見て be fine anyway!ですネ。

さて明日・・・。信じて来た何かを見つける事が出来る様にmay!do my best.です。

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匿名 さんのコメント...

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