木曜日, 10月 13, 2005

Sim LIM Square

Yesterday I went to one of the biggest electric appliance shop building . Bcause of repairing my company's PC and buying a new Printer . There are so many appliance like digital camera , digital video ,MP3player ,a lot of kinds of PC and so on.
You know I like just walking around at these interesting place. So I felt lack of time to see all of shops in this building.

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いし さんのコメント...

Your Blog are also a lot of photo and is very beautiful.
By the way, I has gone to the lesson of Imai-coach yesterday. It is a lesson in the court of daytime.
Yesterday's content of the lesson was the angle volley. It was very difficult and did not make it to quite good.
However, Imai-coach is taught always gently.
Recently Imai coach is very energetic and happy.
He said
(at yesterday's lesson) 「I got a mail from Mori coach after a long time. He seems to have up Blog. It was not possible to see 文字化けしていて with the cellular phone. 」
He was said, "Will I also make Brog?"I amswered「Please make it.!私投稿します!」
The net connects the world. (*^_^*)
I went to the lesson of Yokoyama coach today. It was happy by an energetic as usual lesson.

Mori coach.
Please write the idea etc. of the difference of consideration to the difference of the culture with Singapore and the foreigner and the one in Blog by all means this time.
Is there still a lot of hows like the ダイヤモンド to spend the tennis life at that academy?

Please make a business trip to Japan earlier than it and do a special lesson. はやくはやく~!
At that time. Imai coach is made a head, everyone shakes the flag, and we receives you being overjoyed .


ゆき( さんのコメント...

I'm Yuki. You know me,right?:)
I thought which is better to put down here in English or Japanese,but I dare to write in English!
This way is easy to learn English,don't you think so?
And,your English is very easy to understand for me.
So,in this way, I can also get more knowledge of English.
I'm going to come here frequently,and I'm looking forward for your daily renewal!:)Bye!

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Hiroyuki Mori さんのコメント...

石打さん、素敵なコメント有り難うございます、そう言えば、僕がボレーを好きになったきっかけは、アングルボレーを意識したときからでした、今井コーチにしっかり伝授してもらって下さいね。ちょうど今の時期は谷山コーチに毎日のように色々美味しいところに連れて行ってもらって、味覚の秋を堪能していました。やっぱり日本の四季は最高ですね。Anyway 、石打さんのお宅の晩ご飯、wonderful ですね。

Hiroyuki Mori さんのコメント...

有紀ちゃん、ありがとう!コメント驚きましたよ。そう言ってもらえて、とても嬉しいです。テニスコーチをやっていると、How to learn &How to teach に常に関心を示すようになるんですね。ブログ作りも、その一つだと思っています。有紀ちゃんの英語、そして感性は素晴らしいと思います。一人でも多くの人に、英語でコミュニケートできる事の喜びを伝えれるように続けて行きますね。

Susan Sng さんのコメント...

Hi Hiro,
Well, one would need at least a whole day to do the window shopping in Sim Lim Square.

You wrote petty good n interesting articles online, based on your everyday activities.

I bet that you are a good tennis player n coach since you won the tennis tournament.

Maybe one of these days, we shall meet up for a coffee chit-chat.
Anything else, just give me a sms.


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